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The Gambling Career of the Barthelme Brothers

Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme are brothers and they are known in the gambling industry quite well. They were popular in the world of gambling probably not because of the fact that they were very, very good at being professional gamblers (although they were really good professional gamblers), but because of the fact that they were indicted on account of cheating at a large casino located in Mississippi. The lives of Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme are actually interesting, which is probably the reason why they have decided to write about their lives. Thus, the birth of “Double Down.” You can find more about poker and gambling at Todo Sobre Los Casinos.

Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme used to be professors in a college located in Mississippi in the 1990s. And it was in 1995 when these brothers became addicted in casino gambling. As they turned into professional gamblers during that time, they also started to experience family tragedies and their losses in casino gambling started to transpire more and more frequently. There was even a time when Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme lost a total of US$100,000 in a single casino. And there was also a time when they started to cheat at casinos just to profit. Until cheating led to the indictment of Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme.

Of course, when you read “Double Down,” you would say that readers will only get to know the side of Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme. However, once you start reading from one page to another, you will also realize that the way these brothers have written “Double Down,” other involved parties that have been mentioned in this gambling book will definitely not complain because we can say that Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme have written the book well.

In “Double Down,” Frederick Barthelme and Steven Barthelme recount that experience of being indicted as well as the dismissal a judge of their case. When this case was still new, a large casino claimed that there was a conspiracy associated with the dismissal of the case. But when you get to read “Double Down,” you will realize that no conspiracy have occurred at all. The way Frederick Bathelme and Steven Barthelme has written “Double Down” can be described as fascinating, very realistic, and somewhat chilling.

We believe that we are not the only ones who highly recommend “Double Down.” Even those …

Poker Online – King Of The Gambling World

One of the characteristic features of gambling is that people are more and more playing poker exclusively in the online casino. Playing poker online or, as it is called, Internet poker, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the excitement and experience your abilities in this poker game without leaving your own home.

The most common place to play online poker is the online casino. You can play online poker for money, but many prefer to play for free – for points. This mode is very useful if you want to practice and master the rules of online poker. Money is deposited into your casino account credit card, money order or any other method of safe transfer of funds. Many online casinos also provide their clients with introductory bonuses-real money that can be used to play in the casino and, after a certain number of games have been played, can be transferred to your accounts.

Online casinos provide their customers with the opportunity to play a wide variety of online poker games. Also on the Internet you can find a variety of limits, which greatly simplifies the game and makes it much more accessible. Whatever the level of your game, you can certainly find a poker room, where you will be comfortable. Do not, however, believe that the game of poker online is only a penny. If you feel that you are ready to compete with a serious opponent, then it is not difficult to find them in an online casino .

While it may seem strange to some to play online poker, this game provides an opportunity to practice, which is especially valuable for those who live far away from ordinary casinos. Playing poker online in a time-tested online poker room is as reliable, exciting and exciting as its usual version. You play with real people, with real money, but at the same time stay at home. What could be better?

Online poker is perfect for those who are just starting to gamble, so for very experienced players. If you like active gambling, then online poker is a great solution. If you are not attracted roulette and other event games, then why not try online poker? In addition to all this, the money you save on relocations and hotels makes online poker an attractive idea. If you consider yourself to be a serious poker player, but do not …

Gambling Think Simple Plans and Win Big

Do you know that it doesn’t really need the most complex of plans for you to become a professional player in gambling? You can use some of the simple plans and still be able to win big.

Yes, various games in gambling have different set of rules. But, it doesn’t really mean that you have to always use those advanced strategies when you want to win.

* Plans that are simple to use are helpful to you. Simple plans also have their own special gaming power for you if you will try to see how this can also be very useful to you.

It would really benefit you if you know how to use this. True, as mentioned, it is useful. But plans are just plans unless acted upon accordingly on the gaming halls a player like you who will learn them well.

* Make your own plan so you would really know that it is simple for you to follow. When a plan is easy to follow, you will be able to use it accordingly. That’s why simple plans should be devised you personally; not anyone else. If it was done someone else, you may have a harder time to apply it on the gaming grounds – unless, of course, that person will take the time to show you how to do it right.

Since that person is the one who devised it, it is most likely that the person finds the plan simple enough, but you would have another notion about it. That’s why it is important for you to either make your own plan that you will implement when you play a game of chance on the gaming grounds, or have someone teach you how simple, the plan that was devised another player, really is.

* Get those basic strategies that pros usually use. In making your own plan, don’t forget to include the basic moves that you know the pros are using. This should be there with your plan because these are some of those strategies that you shouldn’t be without.

If you know that the pros are really using these things, and have seen them apply it on the gaming grounds, you should also learn to implement them. They will be beneficial to you, if you would include them with your plan, and learn how and when to use them.…